Rita. (The savior of many).

I met an angel whilst out shopping today.
She looked awful tired, her hair streaked with grey,
Whilst walking along with a dog at her feet
Going to get it's Saturday treat.

"I'm looking for homes for these strays that I find".
They've been dumped and abused, it troubles her mind.
People know this lady, a familiar sight,
Walking around from morning till night.

She worries and frets in the hope that she'll find
Someone with compassion, loving and kind.
I look in the eyes of her lurcher, it's sad
To think of how people can be so bad.

"You'd better come home with me", I said
"And I'll fix you a nice warm cosy bed".
I took her home and she slept all night
With me on my bed - what a funny sight.

She tucked her black nose under my chin,
I loved her so much, my heart she did win.
Some years have now passed since that special day
When I saw an Angel coming my way.


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