The very first time I was bought to you
I had a vision in my mind,
Oh my wish, please take me, take me do
You three looked so kind.

But then this fear started to creep inside,
A gentle voice said "its ok boy" dont be scared.
I pulled away full of fear, I wanted to go and hide,
I'm a black dog, Its the others, that find that they are cared.

You put me into the back of the car,
I was so very petrified.
I was shaking lying behind the bar,
So scared that I cried.

I walked in to somewhere I did not know
And there was a soft bed for me,
And a garden where all flowers grow,
Was this heaven I could see?

The early weeks were a worry for me
And I thought, what's all this about.
You just showered me with kindness and love
And cared when my fur came out.

I had never walked on a carpet
And was frightened when you moved a chair,
I was really in a state of fret
Humans like you are rare.

You spoke so gently all the through the day
And stroked my weary head.
You taught me how to have fun and play,
Kissed and cuddled me when I went to bed.

Oh how I love my walks each and every day,
Off my lead I now can run free.
People can watch without having to pay,
Look everyone this is me.

I am the dog you all had walked by
But my luck made me a winner.
I am the dog while alone I would cry
But now, mmmm here comes my dinner.

Some months have passed and a lot has changed,
Someone believed in me.
I am no longer unwanted and deranged,
I am lucky Rocky, yes someone gave me the key.

The key to live, the key to love,
I am part of a special family.
My Mum and Dad thank the dog god above,
That he said choose "ROCKY", yes thats ME.

You took me away on holiday,
Oh those long walks on the sand.
Please take me on holiday again I pray,
And you said, "its all in hand."

I will never forget my good friends and Denise,
They did everything that they could.
But in my mind I have found the peace
Like they always knew I would.

I've put on weight, my coat now shines,
Nothing now bothers me.
I am a different dog you will find,
I am as happy and contented as can be.

I am the BIG BOY "ROCKY",
Black with long white socks,
The Greyhound no one wanted
As they walked on past my box.

Then one day Amber, my Greyhound girl
Came into my life to play.
She was frightend but her life would unfurl,
I told her she was here to stay.

And I thank God that I am,
For all the people I love most in the world
Is my special dad and mam.

When I see the sun at the dawning,
And when I see the moon at night,
With Amber lying beside me
I know God let in his light.

Rocky and Amber.

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