Rough Justice.

Look deep into my dark brown eyes
My soul is mirrored there,
You'll see a life of pain and strife,
Of hunger and despair.
My tiny frame, so thin and sore
Is what you've done to me,
Don't leave me here to die alone
Untie me, set me free.

I hang my head for I am weak
My end, I fear is near.
He's coming back to torture me
My body shakes with fear.
I take the beating then I drop,
My heart it beats no more.
He drags my body from the shed
And dumps it on the floor.

Late that night he drives to town
To buy another dog,
The mist came down quite suddenly
And turned into a fog.
No one knew what happened
As they dragged him from his van,
Some said they saw a Lurcher
Near the dying man.

A driver said he saw a dog
Surrounded by a light,
Then all at once it vanished
Into the foggy night.
We'll never know what happened
On that cold damp foggy night,
But I will bet that Lurcher dog
Gave him a hell of a fright.

"I wish I had been there." John.


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