A Tribute to Rusty.

Your tragic story rests heavy on my heart,
It's a story that brings sorrow right from the start.
Running a track was all that you knew,
No love, no family, caring moments were few.

Born into a world where money is the key,
Like a chain around your neck, you were never free.
Money changed hands and bets were placed,
A life of greed, a fall from grace.

When you were no longer thought worthy of running their race
A gun to your head, the terror you faced.
A man so cruel, full of spite and hate,
A life in prison should be his fate.

Yours is a story that will always be told,
I for one will remember, until my days are old.
A purple ribbon today we will wear,
Thousands of people, in your memory will share.

God bless you Rusty....

Steph xx (mom2jesse)

Rusty RIP
Rev James Thompson conducting Rusty's ceremony
Rev James Thompson conducting Rusty's ceremonyRusty's messages
Rusty Don't kill my friends

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