His owners paid ten pounds to end poor Rusty's life,
His killer took the money, he didn't think twice.
He was raced three times that week with an injured toe,
Because of the injury, his racing times were slow.

His owners said, "get rid of him we can't do with this",
The trainer said "just leave him here, I will do the biz".
Poor trusting Rusty went along with this man,
He thought he was going home, and jumped into the van.

Little did he know this was to be his last day,
And that his poor mutilated body was to be dumped so far away.
With both his ears hacked off, a crude bolt gun to his head,
His killer turned his back, and left poor Rusty for dead.

A lone walker found him lying in the grass,
It was poor Rusty's whimpering that stopped him walking past.
In spite of his misery and injury's he still continued to wag his tail,
Not once did he show aggression, or even admit a wail.

Even now he still showed trust in the human race,
The vet shook his head sadly, as he looked at Rusty's gentle face.
So the vet inserted the needle, that would end Rusty's suffering at last,
He knew his abuse was over, he would not have to remember his past.

But your death will not be in vain dear Rusty; we will keep your memory alive,
And your murderer has been caught and punished, and brought to the public eye.
So rest well dear Rusty, free from suffering and pain,
No more will you know abuse, or ever race again.

Dedicated to Rusty,
Who was mutilated by Andrew Gough and left to die
On a lonely welsh mountain.

Sue Stoddart.


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