Elegant girl, serene and calm, looking through the bars
Waiting and hoping someone will come, resting her head on her paws.
Visitors look at all the dogs, they seem to pass her by,
"Why is it no one wants me....a hound with pleading eyes?"

"We're ever so gentle, quiet and sweet, will no one give me a home?"
She goes back to her bed, and lays her sad head on dirty, cold damp stone.
The days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months, her spirit is very sad
It's ever so cold in this hole in the wall, the solitude is driving her mad.

At last someone comes and slips on her lead, she wags her long mighty tail
She keeps by the side of her keeper and guide, then lets out a mighty wail.
"They've chosen me, I'm going home" her body shakes with delight,
I'm given a chance, I smile and I dance instead of shaking with fright.

If you're a hound on death row at the pound, and your body is full of pain
Ignore all the screams, hang on to your dreams your suffering won't be in vain.
There'll come a day when your prayers are heard and the pain you'll feel no more
She'll appear at your side with a lead in her hand and open that kennel door.

You're home at last and free from pain, to a life and a brand new start
The comfort she'll give, and the love that she'll show will mend your broken heart.
Enjoy your life don't dwell on the past, go forth and start anew
With hope in your heart and a life full of fun, and so many things to do.


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