Scooby's story.

Scooby (formerly James) illustrates how awful some humans can be towards a dog. You may have seen him on BBC TV's programme Inside Out, in October 2004 telling the story of his rescue by Remi in Cork and his journey to the UK. Scooby was rescued near to death from an Irish dog fight gang by Ash Animal Rescue of Cork. They had tied him to a tree by his front legs stabed him (bloodied) then set the fighting dogs on him. This is how they train dogs for the ring. He had been used as bait for the fighting; after rescue he was in danger of being kidnapped back by the gang. He is now recovering in our home assisted by dogs Holly and Josh. He is also under Angela's expert guide to re-socialize him. Scooby is a darling, he adores humans, he loves 24-7 he is 90% Greyhound 10% Angel. He can often be found in the middle of Yeovil town helping me fund raise for Greyhound rescue.

Donna Lynes
Scooby Doo.


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