Article in Scottish Daily Mail July 2007.

A Greyhound was shot in the head and dumped in a ditch only hours after losing a race.

Jamiedan Flyer came last at a meeting earlier this month, despite being heavily favoured by punters.

Later that night, the terrified animal's howls were heard by a couple who later found him lying against a tree in a pool of blood. A local vet was called in an attempt to help the dog, but it was so badly injured it had to be put down.

Last night vet Lorna Lazenby said she was disgusted when she arrived to help the stricken animal as it lay in the ditch near Dalrymple, Ayrshire.

She said "when I got there, the dog was in real distress and was howling-he was completely put of it. All he had was a little hole in his temple, as if he had been shot by an airgun, and there was a lot of blood.

It was so sad because there was nothing I could do to help him. I was just glad I was able to ease his suffering and put him down."

Later the dog was identified as Jamiedean Flyer from a tattoo on his ear and it emerged that he came last at Ayr Greyhound stadium on July 8th.

An insider at the track said "There had been heavy betting on the dog and a lot of money was lost. There were rumours this was going to happen and everyone at the track was disgusted when we found out what had happened."

Alan Shaw, the owner of the dog, has since been banned from racing at Ayr.

Outside his home in Dalrymple yesterday, construction worker Mr Shaw said he only had the dog for a couple of weeks and sold it after the race. He added "I was sickened when I found out what had happened to him. The only reason I sold him was because I was building a new shed in my back garden to keep my Greyhounds." Mr Shaw refused to reveal to whom he sold the animal.

A spokesman at the track confirmed that all of Mr Shaw's dogs had been banned from future race cards pending further inquiry.

It is now feared the remote spot in South Ayrshire has been used as an execution site for failed racing dogs over a long period of time.

Days after the attack, workers at Greyhound Rescue Scotland found the remains of a second dog lying just a few hundred yards away at the bottom of the same ditch.

Charity worker Carol Scott said "It looks like this dog had also been taken to this ditch to be killed and that it died the same way. It was found further down and close to a stream, as if it had been crawling to get a drink of water.

We work so hard to rehome Greyhounds and most owners will work with us to get their dogs a good home when their racing days are over. It is very distressing that some owners cannot work with us .or even have their dogs put down humanely."

A spokesman for the SSPCA said it could not take any action because the body of the dog had been disposed of before a post mortem examination could be carried out.

He added "In any potential case of animal cruelty, we would advise that the body is kept as evidence. Unfortunately the police advised the vet to dispose of the body and there was nothing further we could do."

Charities estimate that thousands of Greyhouinds are killed every year when they outlive their racing usefulness .

Jamiedan Flyer

Jamiedan Flyer. Victim of this vile industry.

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