Seaham Slaughter.

This is the last race I'll ever run
I can see by his face, 'cos I haven't won
I can see hate in his eyes, that's no lie
Tomorrow's my last day, it's then I must die
This is my fate as a running hound
Bolt gun to the head, then a hole in the ground
Please don't forget me, don't let it be in vain
All this misery, all this pain
Keep asking the question, the reason why
At two years old, I had to die.

(The writer wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from the racing industry)

Rent a Flyer and Clash Nitro.

RENT A FLYER May 11th 2004 - July 12th 2006 CLASH NITRO November 1st 2003 - July 12th 2006
Run fast boys..Run free at last.

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