Second Chance.

Broken and lonely, defeated and sad
From a hole in the wall came a brindle lad.
Retired from the track, then dumped on the street
Picked up by the warden, with cuts on his feet.
Thrown in the pound and put on death row,
With broken spirit he'd gaze at his door.

In his sleep he would dream of days gone by
A champion amongst dogs, his head held high.
So tall and regal and proud he would stand,
The crowds would cheer and say he was grand.
The cold light of day filtered through his bars
Tomorrow he'd race among the stars.

"Come on big lad, it's time to go,
The pain and heartbreak you'll feel no more."
Those big amber eyes gaze up at me
"Don't do this to me, please let me go free."
"Sorry lad, I need the space
For the next poor dog who's taking your place."

"The lady from Rescue's arrived at the door,
Shall I ask her about this one and the other four?"
"OK, she'll take him, bring him outside."
In a few more seconds he would have died.
As she led him away, he licked her hand
"Thank you for saving me." "You're welcome old man."


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