Shadow's Song.

In Memory of Our beautiful Lurcher

I'm not gone...NO, not really.
I haven't gone away...I've only gotten bigger.
My eyes, so bright, now shine among the stars.
My voice sings with the wind in winter, as I leap and dance among the tree tops.
I stalk the blown leaves in autumn, and brush the flowers gently in the spring.
I come to you in dreaming, on feet grown dreamtime soft,
And lay my cheek against yours, and whisper "Peace be with you."
Someday we will play again together, you and I among the stars.
'Til then, fear not to love, for your love gave my life meaning.
And I return that love to you...a hundredfold...a thousandfold.


This is Shadow, we only had him a week before he died. We were too late, but at least he died surrounded in love and comfort with people who loved him. Pat.

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