My gentle giant, full of fun
Your ordeal's over, life's begun.
Eyes so bright that once were dim,
Left to die, oh what a sin.

Locked in a shed for weeks on end,
No food or water did they send.
His friends around him fell and died,
Food and water, they too were denied.

Almost dead he tried to shout,
"Someone please let me out!"
Then suddenly he heard a sound-
Someone's come, yes, he's been found.

Broken and starved he was laid in the van,
Saved from death by this kind young man.
He's safe at home now, life is good
With a nice soft bed and plenty of food.

If I could erase all the thoughts in his mind,
I'd replace them with all thing loving, and kind.
I love him "Big Boy", he's here by my side,
I often think of his friends who had died.

No laws to protect this magnificent breed,
They race for money, and people's greed.
The evil man who starved his dogs
Got a ban and a fine. "Is there a God?"

No more will you sleep in the cold and wet,
You're home safe and sound now - you're mummy's pet.


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