Sofi's tale.

There was a beautiful Greyhound, whose life felt incomplete,
She just wanted to be loved then life would be so sweet.
One day at the Rescue she was put into a car,
Where am I going? This really seems so far.

Then they stopped and she travelled with someone else,
Are you the one to love me? Will you love me for myself?
But she was taken to a house where lived another dog,
She saw that he was handsome and really felt agog.

The human too welcomed her and she felt a leap of hope,
Were they the ones to love her, she'd try to be good, she'd cope.
They gave her a new name too, she liked it and was pleased.
When called she answered, tail wagging, smiling and relieved.

It didn't take her long to realise she was loved just for being herself,
Cuddled and spoilt, she knew she was worth loving, just for being myself.
Now she is happy, this really is her forever home
No more does she need to dream where she may roam.

Now she is loved and feels secure for she too loves those she lives with, dog and human both have made her welcome, so she would like to thank all those that brought her to this home.

By Alison Barstow.


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