I've finally found my resting place, a home with lots of love
Where I am loved so very much and taken great care of.
I sometimes think of days gone by, when I was chained in a room,
I'd look up at the window, my only friend was the moon.
I'd curl up in my corner and shiver through the night,
Can no one hear me crying? Won't someone hear my plight?
He's coming up the stairs now to beat me yet again
I try to take the kicks and blows, I scream and scream in pain.
Then late one night I spied my chance and bolted through the door,
I ran and ran until I dropped, the pain I'd feel no more.
It was cold and I was tired, so weak and I couldn't stand
I curled up in a ditch to sleep, then I was found by a kind policeman.
I'm taken to the vet's and then I'm put on a drip for days,
Then suddenly a lady rained kisses on my face.
You're coming home with me pet, you'll make it - you will see,
Love and kindness in abundance you will get from me.
My special little soldier is homed now at Lytham by the sea,
Where Anne and Christine care for him - he's happy and he's free.

Dedicated to two special people who took on Soldier and helped him win his final battle and fight for life. God bless you all.


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