Injured and hungry, weary and sad,
Lay a Greyhound called Solo, he looked so bad.
Shaking and frightened, he cowered in the grass
Till a lady called Barbara happened to pass.

With weary heart she tried and tried
To save him, or he would have died.
She gently walked him home.
No more will you be hungry, no more will you roam.

The years rolled by and he became
So proud and gentle, quite a name.
Until one sad warm summer's day
Gentle Solo passed away.

He's happy now on "Rainbow Bridge"
Where he plays and runs around,
Waiting for his mistress
Wait, can I hear a sound.

He hears her feet then sees her face,
His body starts to quiver.
"Is that my mum? God yes it is,
Can we play by the river?"

Together they stroll on and on,
Into the distant light,
Where all the future's happy
And all eternity, bright.


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