Sophie and Smokey.

Sophie, dear Sophie you didn't have a life,
Your bed was just a wooden shed, you knew such pain and strife.
Till one day someone found you and carried you to her car,
She hoped the vet could see you, it wasn't very far.
Your nails had grown into your pads, you crawled on elbows bare
It broke my heart to see you cry, it really wasn't fair.

Your tortured life in that dark shed still haunts me to this day
But now you have a nice warm bed, a garden where to play.
Your new mum has erased your past and filled your heart with love,
You're kissed, and loved and cherished and thought the whole world of.

Whilst lying in my bed one night I heard Mum say to Dad
"We may as well adopt one more, a big blue handsome lad!"
So off we went to Auntie Pat's to bring our Smokey home,
He looked so sad and helpless, rejected and alone.
We soon became the best of friends and people would comment
How nice we were together, happy and content.

But three years on I passed away and went to rainbow bridge
Where I run and play with friends, in Heaven oe'r the ridge.
Far into the distant light I see a hound appear,
It looks like, - God oh yes it is, it's Smokey, and he's here.
We walk together through the fields through pastures sweet and new,
We'll never be apart again, we've made it, just us two.

In remembrance of Sophie and Smokey who had a few special years of happiness with Barbara and Alan Baxter before passing on to rainbow bridge.

Smokey and Sophie

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