So Soon Forgotten.
A Tribute To Bobby. aka Moral Director..

With ev’ry sinew straining
And ev’ry muscle taut
With eyes completely focussed
To win each race he fought.

Back then he was victorious
He always ran his best
And from the track he heard them
Shout his name above the rest.

His owner loved a winner
And doted on this boy
He often heard him boasting
“Yes he’s my pride and joy”.

He fathered many offspring
A sire of wide acclaim
There wasn’t any breeder
Who didn’t know his name.

But as the years rolled onwards
And young dogs took his place
Folks often asked with pity
“Did he ever win a race?”

The trophies now are dusty
They once held pride of place
No longer are they cherished
Just like the dog who raced.

In a kennel now imprisoned *
Where no-one cares a jot
Exists that once loved winner
Mankind so soon forgot.

© J Zatonski 2005
* Bobby was rescued by Tailends and spent the rest of his life in a happy, secure environment.


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