Soul Mate.

Hello! Said the Lurcher pup, how are you today?
Please let me out of this cage to play.
It's not really that bad, they feed me and stuff.
But I really don't think that they care enough.

They let me out of here once a day,
Then they give me a kick and then put me away.
It's all I've ever known, so I shouldn't complain
Even though I'm left in constant pain.

I've got terrible mange that they won't treat,
I've hardly any hair and just look at my feet,
They're bleeding and sore and itching like mad
But I shouldn't complain, it's not really that bad.

Good God, said the lady, you poor little thing
Just look at your wounds, they must really sting.
I'll take you right home, then the vet we will see,
And then you will come home and live with me.

You poor little chap, how could they leave you like this?
Don't worry wee pup, your old home you won't miss.
So they saw the vet who said the wounds would heal,
And said to give him a nourishing meal.

Take him right home and settle him in,
It's over now, pup, your life will begin.
Goodness me! Said the Lurcher as he walked through the door,
Does this mean I won't live in a cage any more?

No, said the lady, this is your home.
And the Lurcher pup grinned as he was handed a bone.
This is great, thought he, a new home at last.
Now I can forget about my dreadful past.

And now I've been staying here for three whole years,
My life is complete and there are no more tears.
I'm happy and loved and it really is great,
And what's more, I know I've found my soul mate.

Fiona E Reekie.


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