Spot the Dog.

I first met her one winter's day,
She'd just been stolen,so they say.
A man had hurt poor little Spot
He broke her heart, left her to rot.

"Sexually abused", I heard them say,
"Good Lord, you're joking" I said in dismay.
I gazed into those eyes of fear
And took her home and shed a tear.

You're safe from harm now baby Spot,
I'll hide you here because you're "HOT".
The police came looking for this dog
The man reported her missing,
I'd love to throw him in a bog,
But it's no good standing here wishing.

I put my arms around her neck
And kissed her little face.
How can people be so cruel?
It's a terrible disgrace.

She shook with fright and looked at me
Her eyes were sad and dim,
"Don't worry Spot, I'll make you see
We're not all sick like him".

It took some time before a light
Came into her frightened eyes,
She came to me and kissed my face
Oh, what a lovely surprise!

She runs and plays with the other dogs
And sits upon my knee,
I really love my "Spot the Dog",
She's as happy as can be.


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