Stand up and be counted.

To whom it may concern -- which is everyone! I would just like to say to those who have taken a stand against the continuing abuse of the racing greyhound, you have my utmost admiration.

And to those of you who once fought for the lives of the abused greyhounds, but no longer do so because of fear of pressure, or because of the almighty --$, and to those of you who have never taken a stand, I am appalled at you. You have sold out the greyhounds! To call yourself "Neutral" is to call yourself "Coward". You gain no ones respect and in fact aid the senseless torture and killing of these beautiful, gentle and innocent greyhounds.

Furthermore, to say you take no stance regarding greyhound racing is to say, "Yes, there definitely is a controversy surrounding greyhound racing." You either are for greyhound racing or against greyhound racing and in either case you are making a stand. It is also a "myth" that if you speak out against greyhound racing, you will not be able to rescue and adopt out greyhounds. This has proven to be a lie as there is no lack of greyhounds that constantly need a safe haven! No longer can anyone remain in the middle, for too many dogs have died over too many years in this blood sport called "Greyhound Racing".

Virginia McKean Cofounder of Greyhound Rescue of Idaho.

Fully endorsed and co-signed by myself, John Ratcliffe (Greyhound Muses)

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