Please be my stepping stone.

Please my gentle rescuer
Donít just pass me by
Turn your face to gaze on mine
Donít let this pound dog die!

I know Iím far from pretty
I know Iím scared of men
But despite all thatís wounded me
Iíll learn to trust again.

Donít dally with that puppy
Who beguiles you with his charm
You know that he is not at risk
Heís worth too much to harm.

Your loving hand can save me
See my need and not my worth
Mend this anguished aching heart
Load me in your lifeboat first.

I know my fate would haunt you
When youíre restless in your bed
My pleading eyes and shaking legs
Would linger in your head.

You can make a difference
And for Societyís sins atone
Open that heart and take a chance
Please be my stepping stone.

For I know my someoneís waiting
In our dreams we nightly meet
Without you I canít find her
Only you can guide my feet.

Oh I know your spiritís broken
And your funds bared to the bone
But Iím what rescueís all about
Please find my heart its home!

Trudie James


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