Stop The Cruelty Now.

Just how long can this go on before we are over-run
With Greyhounds bred in Ireland, surely something must be done.
Our government gives out the grants to farmers overseas
Without thinking of their actions, towards this lovely breed.

I'm sick and tired of picking up the mess our government makes,
As Greyhounds are dumped and murdered - it really is a disgrace.
We find them starved to death in sheds, suffocated, drowned or shot,
They give no thought to Greyhounds, this poor, sad little lot.

We mustn't let this go on, we really must protest
To try and get the laws changed, we must try and do our best.
If you really want to help the dogs and save this gentle breed,
And stop the cruelty to these hounds who are raced for people's greed.
Pick up your pen and do it now, before it is too late.
Before a lot more Greyhounds meet their evil fate.


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