As I lie alone in the Kennels,
I reflect on the life I have had,
All the racing I have done,
But even though I won, to them I was never number one.

I was just a Greyhound who was there to race,
Who chased that mechanical hare around the track,
I heard the cheers and also the sneers,
As they shouted at me and to my peers.

I raced for five years straight,
Far longer than I really wanted to.
I was glad to retire when I did,
And they finially had their last bid

However, I had a sore infected leg
which was wrapped all up but not cleaned.
I was glad when I finally could have it treated,
I knew that I wasn't going to be defeated.

My leg has now completely healed
As I lie alone in Kennels.
You see I'm a black beauty called Susie,
Why on why are people so choosy?

I've heard the wise dog say
You black beauties find it harder to get a home.
They see your black beautiful colour and say you're plain,
They don't understand that we obviously don't show any stains!!

Then one day my life took a change
When a visitor came to look for a friend.
I was taken out of my space
And met someone who had a place.

We had a walk with a dog called PJ
And I liked him straight away.
We walked up and down a lane,
And I hoped that they liked me plain!

After that walk I was put away,
My heart sank as they walked away.
Surely that meant that it wasn't to be,
That I'd never see them again, as they obviously didn't like me.

But the next week held a surprise,
Those special people came back for me.
When I saw them I ran to them,
My heart felt light, they had came for me!!

Now my life is full of love,
Special meals of fish and meat.
I now have plenty of walks
And what I love the most, plenty of loving talk.

As I lay on the sofa
I realise that one thing is true,
My life is fantastic
And now I'd definitely be number one.

By Clare Clark.


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