Thank you all.

Their eyes shine so much brighter.
Their coats now clean with color.
Their step has higher spring.
Their rest is more serene.
Now happily unemployed,
They show they're overjoyed.
No races left to run,
Their lives now truly won.
Their thanks they never spare,
For You, someone who cares.
What you gave as time and treasure.
They see as cure, care, and pleasure.

When you stop and think about the actions you have taken in the interest of retired racing greyhounds, know without being prideful that you have joined in saving gentle lives. You can look into the eyes of any one of our hounds and see a greytful soul. When you touch that dog and think of fates you helped it avoid, there might be a little burning feeling deep in your throat. That is your own soul telling you that you are good.

Jack Richardson December 2007

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