The Power Of One.

The latest attempt by the greyhound racing industry to justify the death and suffering that is an inherent part of its very existence, seems to be to suggest that the numbers of dogs involved in its carnage aren't as great as they used to be.

Numbers have always been a favourite talking point in the on going debate about greyhound racing. Those who, like myself are opposed to the use and exploitation of greyhounds for the gratification of mankind's greed, have pointed to the tens of thousands of dogs who are born every year to sustain it, without a thought of what becomes of them when they reach the end of their usefulness to their avaricious owners; or of what happens to the even greater number of dogs who fail their initial trials and so don't even make it as far as the race track. The industry then counter by saying that the numbers involved are not as high as we have indicated, as if that was some kind of defence or excuse for them.

Why is it so difficult for people like these to see that it is not acceptable to cause suffering and death to another being? The question of how many times one does it isn't even an issue. It's ridiculous to say that there aren't as many greyhounds being injured and killed as there used to be at some vague time in the past.

The trouble is that until greyhound racing is absolutely and completely ended there will be beautiful, gentle greyhounds suffering and dying in the name of entertainment and profit. It doesn't matter in the slightest if there is a small reduction in the numbers involved, the smallest whole number, the number one, is too many; if somehow you are unable to accept that statement, try this, imagine that YOU are that one being.

You may be familiar with this lovely little tale.

A man was walking along a beach as dusk was falling; in the distance he saw a figure who kept stooping down to pick something up off the sand and throw it into the water. As he drew nearer he saw that it was a young woman and he asked her what she was doing. "I am throwing these starfish back into the sea" she told him, "if I don't they will die here on the beach." "But there are so many of them" he replied pointing to the hundreds of stranded starfish littering the beach, "this beach goes on for miles, what you are doing can't possibly make a difference." She smiled and picked up one more fish, gently throwing it back into the sea, turning to the man she said "it made a difference to that one."

I think that this little story graphically illustrates the power of the number one. If you are that ONE then it makes all the difference in the world to you, and still the greyhound racing industry tells you that they aren't violating as many dogs as they used to, and you are meant to say, oh well, that's all right then.

There are still 20,000 to 30,000 greyhounds killed every year in Britain in the name of entertainment and money; every one of those souls is ONE individual:--- is that all right with you? If these thing are not okay with you then please do all you can to persuade everyone you know not to visit or bet on greyhound racing, that way this vile industry will die out through lack of support.

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