The Room.

I see the track ahead of me..I know I must win,
To lose another race would be a deadly sin.
I set off running at a good fast pace,
I'm running my heart out to win this race.

My leg gives way, I fall to the ground,
My pain is dreadful, but I daren't make a sound.
I lay on the track too frightened to move,
No loving words from anyone to try to sooth.

My sore body can't escape, but my thoughts can,
In my dreams I'm not owned by that man!
I'm in a warm home, sleeping safe,
A new owner that is worth all of my faith.

But back in reality I'm but a loser you see,
Along with the thousends more just like me.
He walks towards me, takes a look at my leg,
"Broken in 2 places...He'll have to join Meg"

Meg my friend who was shot when she lost,
Her poor defeated body, thrown out in the frost.
The man lifted me up and took me to "the room"
A dark, damp place..I could sense the gloom.

"Load the Gun" the nasty man said...
I didn't live to know what lay ahead.

By Leanne Bingham.


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