The Dog You See At The Track.

I am the dog you see at the track.
I am the dog who dreams about the green field
And wondor if this will ever be mine.
I am the dog who dreams about being in clean good air,
With friends and a kind person who will love me.
I am the dog who tries to be good, so that this burden will
Be taken from me.
I am the dog who must run faster than the rest, just to stay alive.
Just to be fed.
I dream of food that is tasty and good – I dream of a warm bed.
In my dream, I am no longer running.
And there are kind arms to welcome me, and kind words
Said to me.
Remember my dream, when you see the dog at the track.
The dog that tries so hard, and asks so little.
And give him his freedom.
That’s all he asks.

By Helen Burke.


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