Timmy Whippet

A tiny body curled up in bed
Safe from harm but underfed.
Injected with drugs, the poor little mite
Hurt and abused and shaking with fright.
A bag of bones, he could hardly walk
Too weak to stand, but if he could talk
What tales of woe he could tell,
Imprisoned in his life of hell.
Now released from neglect and pain,
Starting to live and love again.
With the heart of a lion and courage too
God knows the horrors he's been through.
He sleeps beside me, I stroke his head
If I hadn't taken him in he would be dead.
Who knows how long he's got left to live?
But love in abundance I'll surely give.
My little Timmy, you're safe at last
I'll try my best to erase your past.
The hurt and abuse I'll replace with love
And make one last plea to God above.
That he gives you some time before you die,
It will break my heart to say goodbye.
But if it's God's will that you must go
Then I must accept this and tears will flow.
I've come to terms that you're on borrowed time
Because of some drug dealer's evil crime.
For now I'll hold you close to my heart
Till the sad day comes when we'll have to part.
My sweet old man I do love you,
You didn't deserve what you went through.


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Pat Graham adopted Timmy after he had been subjected to drug abuse
by the drug dealer who owned him.