As I laid my head down in my crate
I knew the morrow would seal my fate.
I'm much older now and not so fast
I know today's race was my last.

The talk today was of my pace,
Just too slow, they need the space.
Younger, faster dogs to try,
Yes, tomorrow I will surely die.

So old and slow yet still so young
It seems that life has just begun,
With many good years yet to give,
If it is possible, let me live.

The sun is up, the truck is here
They lead me out; I now know fear,
To some strange place I have been taken
I'm still alive but badly shaken.

Friendly people, and more like me,
Running and playing, completely free!
This must be heaven I would guess,
I'd be happy with so much less.

Some strangers came and took me away,
No more freedom to run and play.
The day began so gloomy and sad
But I know now the meaning of glad.

A big back yard to run and play,
A couch and bed for me to lay,
With toys to chase, grab and squeak,
And a strange new brother for hide and seek.

He's a sight hound too but not a Grey;
It matters not, he likes to play.
The only race I now need win
Is up the steps when we run in.

I'm now owned by my new mom's heart,
It will never come for us to part.
In my new dads' arms so soft and strong
It's all over now, I'm where I belong.

That's my story, shallow or deep,
I must go now and practice my sleep.

By Tom Keith.


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