A Tribute to Finn.

Before you lived with me did you realise how loveable you are? That one day a human being would love to cuddle up with you, stroke you, tell you how much you are loved, how special you are, that your presence in their life brings them joy each day, I doubt it. Yet that is how it is now, for you enrich each day of my life and I am so very happy that we found each other, or rather that I found you. We are both growing older with each other my handsome greyhound boy and I know that you will always be the one who holds my heart within his paws. How lucky I am to share my life with you and I hope that you feel the same. If I have to go out, to work or shopping, when I return you are at the door to remark at my absence, or maybe also to welcome me home. I know that is because you miss me, love me and are happy that we are together again, as am I. Home is definitely where my hound is and it is with you my beautiful boy, my Finn.

Alison Barstow.


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