This poem is about Major, a lovely Greyhound who died in January 2007 aged just 3 years. He was left without food or water in a police kennel in Dalkeith Scotland because the "person" who booked him in failed to inform other staff that he was there. He was discovered when a smell was noticed from the area. His picture is at the bottom of the page. May he rest in peace now.

The Unseen Agony.

Lost and wandering all alone,
At last brought here to find a home
A human leaves and says 'so long'
I'd no idea something was wrong.

No food or water comes my way,
Although I wait here day by day.
My stomach hurts, my tongue is dry,
Still no one comes - I don't know why.

A kindly word, a pat or stroke,
Just anything would give me hope.
My lovely eyes were once so bright,
They're clouding now as pain I fight.

My legs give way as all strength goes,
The agony just grows and grows.
I lie here now weak and alone,
I guess I'll never find a home.

My eyes are now dimming and finally close,
And no one either cares or knows.
I'm just a poor Greyhound alone and in pain,
This must not be allowed to happen again.

By Jean Bowler, Reading, England.


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