The Waiting Game.

"Hello then, what's your name?" "My name's Ellie, thank you, and who might you be?" "I'm Ben ,the lurcher, and I've been here nearly two years now." "Oh dear, I am sorry. I'm sure my owner will come and pick me up soon. They left me in a field so I could run and chase rabbits, then left me behind. I'm sure they will miss me. When they get home they'll realise I'm not on the back seat and they'll come back and look for me." "I don't think so old girl, don't get your hopes up, I've seen it happen before. I'll bet you've had an accident racing haven't you?" "Well, yes, I have, but I'm such an expensive hound, they're bound to come looking for me. Anyway, I'll just lie here and wait, I'm sure it won't be long."

The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. "It's looking rather bleak, isn't it Ben. What am I going to do now?" "I don't know Ellie, but maybe someone will adopt you, you're ever so pretty." "Oh Ben, you are kind. I hear you're going tomorrow Ben?" "Yes Ellie, but don't you worry, you'll be all right." "Right old man, it's time to go, they've come to take you. Bye Ben, maybe I'll see you again one day." "Yes Ellie, take care."

Ben went on his final journey to the vet's where he was put to sleep, and as he went under, he saw Ellie's face before him. Yes, it won't be long before they will both be free, and running together into the light.


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