I went to the beach today, and ran on the golden sand,
Ran because I wanted to, and because I can.

I leapt into the sea, and splashed all around,
Running this way and that, to see what could be found.

I looked across the sea to where it joins the sky,
And remembered times in a dark smelly kennel, and asked myself why.

Why life couldn't have always been like this, carefree happy days,
Instead of days in misery, in the most horrid ways.

I was luckier then some, taken from this life of grime,
Where I thought I would stay for the rest of my time.

Now I sleep in a nice soft bed, in a warm safe place,
And I have the freedom to run, in so much space.

To enjoy days out like this, running in the sea and on the sand.
And to receive no more abuse, only the feel of a gentle hand.

And why can't more Greyhounds like me be found a similar place,
When their lives are considered over, because they can no longer race.

I do not think that I will ever know the reason why,
Only man can answer that, and until then sadly, more of my kin will die.

By Sue Stoddart.


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